The Unbeatable

What pops up in your mind when you hear the word “unbeatable”? A hero? A boxing match? Exactly! Here, I am going to introduce you the movie “Unbeatable” which films about mixed martial arts (MMA) – a modern sport of today.


This Hong Kong-Chinese film was directed by Dante Lam, a well-known film director of Hong Kong action cinema. Basically, the story is about the main character, Ching Fai (Nick Cheung) who won the World Champion title at an MMA competition twice, met with a determined young man named Lin Si-Qi (Eddie Peng) who wants to win the MMA competition. Ching Fai then became Si-Qi’s mentor and eventually he finds back his passion to fight for himself and the ones he cares for.

By just looking at the poster, I am sure that most people would be attracted to their muscular bodies. Especially to those who have been working out hard to achieve the desired six-pack abs. This movie will definitely motivate them to go to the gym more frequently than before in order to shorten the time taken to reach their goals.

Nick Cheung and Crystal Lee awarded as Best Actor and Best Actress respectively at 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.

Nick Cheung, who is a Hong Kong actor, won the big award at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival held on 16 June 2013. This is the seventh time, for different occasion, in his journey of being awarded as Best Actor. Not to forget about the Best Actress Award, which surprisingly goes to a 10-year-old girl named Crystal Lee from our lovely country, Malaysia. In that instance, I can no longer wait to watch “Unbeatable”.

Let’s look at some feedbacks regarding the film. A Hollywood Reporter, Clarence Tsui writes “It’s this mix of tears and laughter amidst the blood, sweat and broken necks that make Unbeatable an enjoyable vehicle.” I have no objection to his statement because his say hits the central point of the film accurately. While watching the movie, be it the practice session or during the competition match, one will get inspired by them easily.   Putting myself into the situation where they train and boost up their stamina as well as build body muscles, I definitely could not be as determined as they were. Perhaps, the phrase “give up” would not be found in their vocabulary.

As we all know, a mixed martial art match is full of aggressive and impulsive actions from both contestants. A powerful fist or a pull on body parts might cause one to suffer from injuries. For example; dislocated limbs, broken arms and legs, nose bleed and etc. The most horrible consequence could be a broken neck. And this was exactly what was shown in the film. Could you ever imagine the scenario where a fighter is being thrown to the surface of the stage by his opponent? By not looking at the fighter’s facial expression, the sound of broken bones in the neck is terrifying enough. In that instance, we as the audience could feel the shivers running down our spine, but not the pain they had suffered. Let’s put it this way; if a Taekwondo trainee needs to overcome hundreds of obstacles to reach the Grand Master rank, I would say an MMA fighter’s efforts are much more than theirs. This shows that it is not an easy task to become a winner or even world champion of MMA.

That was the exciting part of “Unbeatable”, and here comes the funny part of it. As mentioned earlier, Ching Fai taught Si-Qi some fighting techniques and had a few practices with him. There was the time where both of them came to fight, to be exact, a pre-boxing match. In the midst of the match, Si-Qi accidentally kissed his mentor’s lips. Of course, they are not portraying homosexuality, but to fool each other. It is a way to reduce the tense moments in the film.

In short, “Unbeatable” never fail to excite and entertain the audience.

If you are questioning about the Best Actress Award and why it went to a primary-school-aged-girl, probably you might want to grab yourself a movie ticket. It all depends on the judgments every individual makes. I would say it is because the emotions she portrayed in the film itself which successfully brought back the main character’s confidence and passion on MMA.  As to the jury of 16th Shanghai International Film Festival, they said “Crystal Lee struck us with her life force – her vitality, playfulness and heart. Crystal’s wonderful performance provides the emotional centre of the film around which all the other actors revolve and creates a great double act with Nick Cheung.  She is an outstanding – and outstandingly young – new talent!”

So, if you have an interest in MMA, or fans of the cast, or even want to witness all the things I’ve shared above, there is no reason why you should not watch “Unbeatable”.


Meet The Benefits of Not Meeting The Meat

Can you recall what the last meal that you had just taken is? Do you remember what is on your plate of food? Let me take a wild guess; one of them was meat. Was it a piece of sausage, or a few slices of crispy bacon, or some fried chicken wing, or a well-done sirloin steak? Probably not what I have just mentioned, but you would have said yes to the first one; meat.

Most of us grow up eating animal meat as our daily food intake, accepting the fact that meat is one of the must-haves in our daily meal. When someone tells you that he or she is a vegetarian, you will surely go “Ahhh…” and instantly feel that this person is brave enough to voluntarily give up eating meat in the name of health and religion.  Even famous people and celebrities like Bill Clinton, Anne Hathaway, Leona Lewis, and Jason Mraz have opted for a meatless diet.

Leona Lewis has been a vegetarian since she was 12.

Leona Lewis has been a vegetarian since she was 12.

Instead of judging someone based on their food intake, why not try to understand the reason behind their devoted actions? Here are 10 reasons why people chose to go vegetarian:


1. Religious Beliefs

Many religions are associated with vegetarian diets. Religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikh and Jains promotes vegetarianism. Buddhist and Hindus, for example, abstains one from killing any living creatures as they believe in reincarnation and at some point, the soul may be reborn as an animal. While some other religions do not prescribe a vegetarian diet, they have certain restrictions towards the consumption of meat.

2. Nutritional Concerns

Vegetarian diets is said to be much healthier than diets which consists of meat. Scientific researches have proven that animal-based food actually increases the risks of many health problems and illness. In fact, vegetarians show that they have lower rates of hypertension, decreased risks of coronary heart diseases, and lesser risks of getting certain cancers.

Vegetarian diet decreases the risks of coronary heart diseases.

Vegetarian diet decreases the risks of coronary heart diseases.

3. Food Safety

Contaminated meat has been an issue for the past few decades. The E.Coli bacteria is one of the most commonly found bacteria in processed meat. Although it is not harmful towards the human body, unfortunately, some of the types (called strains) of E.Coli can get into the bloodstream through the intestines. This could cause a serious infection though it is a rare illness.

4. Animal Rights

More than 25 billion animals are being slaughtered each year just to be cooked and placed on dining tables. The process of production and slaughtering of animals have raised awareness on animal rights issues and thus, has become one of the main concerns for most vegetarians. This has even led many other former meat-consumers to change their daily meat intake and diet.

5. Food Additives

Most of the livestock or poultry produced by farm houses have been genetically modified before slaughtering. They are usually given a dose of antibiotics or hormones to increase their size and weight before being slaughtered and sold at regular markets. The injected hormones will then be consumed by regular families without their knowledge. These extra additives could lead to cancer growth and virus infections in the human body.

6. Environmental Concerns

Animal farms and production of livestock are responsible for almost 80% of greenhouse gases which are emitted from the agriculture industry worldwide. A recent study also shows that it is much more effective in fighting against global warming for a person to change his diet to a non-meat diet than to switch his car into a hybrid, electrically-generated car.

How the meat industry contributes to global warming.

How the meat industry contributes to global warming.

7. Concern for Labourers

Most slaughter houses and meat production factory are inherently dangerous, and the company’s profits are always placed before the basic human rights of the labourers. Many slaughterhouse managers hire numerous undocumented factory workers to meet the extremely high demand rate of the industry. These workers deal with heavy machineries and sharp bone-crushing tools while processing the meat, which exposes them to high risks of getting injured.

8. Economic Concerns

Consuming meat or animal products indirectly supports and promotes world hunger. Basic research shows that the amount of land used to raise a herd of cows, if used to plant vegetables or grains, could produce more than enough harvests to feed many more people that an animal could feed over its lifetime.

9. Medical Concerns

Very often doctors will prescribe and encourage vegetarian diets to their patients with certain health conditions as an alternative medicine. Adopting a vegetarian diet helps to improve one’s general health conditions and also reduce chronic health problems.

Opting a vegetarian diet as an alternative medicine for certain illnesses.

For certain illnesses, opting a vegetarian diet as an alternative medicine is widely encouraged by doctors worldwide.

10. Diseases

Some of the deadliest bacteria and viruses could enter the human body through animal-based food. Diseases such as Avian flu, salmonella, or bird flu could be avoided with a vegetarian diet. Chances of getting these illnesses can be reduced by cutting off meat and animal-based food in your daily diet.


Now, don’t you feel like changing your diet already? No? Here’s another heads up for you – Going meatless not only helps to reduce risks from serious chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity (yes, in some cases meat is the cause behind these illnesses!), but it also helps save the earth by reducing your carbon footprint and preserve the nature’s valuable resources such as fossil fuels and water.

Everyone knows that it is not easy to make a drastic change in our daily diet and go all extreme about vegetarianism. So why not take baby steps into reducing the intake of red meat, and see if you like what you’re contributing to yourself and the world?

Meatless Monday is an international campaign that encourages people not to consume meat on Mondays to improve their health and general wellbeing. It also raises awareness on the effects of meat-production towards mother earth, which can be reduced by consuming less meat.

By taking the Meatless Monday pledge, you will be joining many other pledgers from all over the world to go meatless every Monday to help improve your health and the health of mother earth. As the saying goes, a little effort goes a loooooong way.

For more information visit and pledge to go meatless starting from this coming Monday!


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