HIGH FASHION; The High Waist fab

high fashion

What is there not to love about high waisted bottoms? It does wonders to a woman’s body by cinching in the waist and elongating a woman’s figure. As the temperature rises, so do the hemlines. So what is it about the High Waisted movement that has got every girl around the world rushing to the store for a pair? I for one, wear nothing but high waisted bottoms, I’ve got them in every possible style. Short skirts, long skirts, shorts, jeans, flare, body hugging, anything you’ve ever imagined, and it is possibly-maybe-perhaps a chance that I own a slight variety of each in my closet as of this very moment.


The idea for women to cover their derriere with high waisted bottoms didn’t struck overnight. High fashion (pun intended) dates back as far as the 1920s. Imagine the girls back then, with their high waisted shorts lounging around in diners sipping on milkshakes all day while jazz stepping to tunes we now familiarized as the ‘Candyman’ tune. Through the century, big named beauties such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn had been sporting high waisted pencil skirts, and everyone agreed that they looked exceptionally beautiful. High waisted jeans were especially popular back in the 70s, so were pleats and bell bottoms, but as the age transcends into the 90’s, the high waist fab still persists. I caught myself sighing out loud at how much I’d wear whatever the girls in Friends wore during their earlier seasons.


As we enter the millennium, we were liberated from the shapeless, tacky ‘mom jeans’ and entered the decade where women wore hip huggers, mini mini skirts that sits on the hips and daisy dukes made popular by the royalties of pop such as Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera. It wasn’t until the 2010s that society once again decides that we should welcome the high waisted bottoms once again with arms wide open. But what our ancestors were lacking in knowledge and what our current designers now know of, the high waisted bottoms have gone through a major upgrade and what today seems to be just another recurring trend is also the staple item for every fashionable and trendy ladies alike.


We are not only talking about the ever so coveted high waisted jean shorts, this includes skirts as well. Skater skirts, or rather circle skirts had made ways into the heart of many girls, and just about time might I add. Skater skirts are loved by many for the right reasons. Depending on the hem line, it looks great for both casual and formal occasions. Then there are the slightly intimidating high waisted jeans and trousers that was once the fashion epitome of the 80s that also functions like a good pair of spanx; they were the Mom Jeans that I mentioned, by the way.


So, why again should us girls embrace the high waist fashion? For starters, it gives off the illusion of longer legs; since it sits above the hips somewhere around the natural waist line, it cuts off the torso length and creates the impression that the legs start higher than it actually does. Certainly good news for girls with longer torso as well as it gives us the excuse to decrease the hemline without looking too, excuse me for the lack of better word, slut-a-tious. Moreover, it emphasizes a lady’s waist line while concealing any bumps or lumps beneath, and I believe that this enhances a woman’s femininity. Girls with wider hips are able to accentuate their ‘S-line’ (also known as the hourglass figure) and those who are insecure about their tummy could just simply tuck away within something flowy, perhaps a skater skirt. (Psst, check out our work out post if you would like to rid yourself off of the insecurities.)

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‘Apple Bottom’

More or less, high waisted bottoms, when done right, makes a woman’s figure look exceptionally sexy. In my honest opinion, high waisted jean shorts create what I call the ‘apple bottom’ (no boots or fur involved). However, as the trend takes the world by storm, many have expressed their dislike for it, coining it the ‘diaper shorts’. The run of the mill male will typically find this trend to be downright weird, and I know this because I’ve had my guy friends personally say this to me after I told them I wanted to purchase a new pair of HW jeans. I know high waisted bottoms are not widely accepted by many, it is still considered to be weird and un-customary for our society.

I do agree to a certain extend that high waisted bottoms are considerably unforgiving. Tight garments naturally results in wardrobe malfunctions, especially if the garment is too short. Loose clothes on the other hand will cause bumps and bulges in places we should not speak of. Just like everything else we learn in life, great things do not come easy (and yes, this philosophical quote applies to fashion as well). So if you are planning to invest in a good pair, a thorough search should be carried out.

As for the men, perhaps they are still getting acquainted with the trend. I don’t blame them, men are simple creatures after all. Well I say that they better adjust themselves quickly, because the trend has taken over and it’s definitely here to stay.

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